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Introduction to Info Graphics

Info graphics can be an important tool for promoting practically anything online. From blogs to websites, eBooks to membership sites, info graphics are great for bringing attention to any online project.

As time goes on, the internet is gradually making people much more visually oriented than ever before.

As you probably already know, video has done a lot to change the landscape of media forever. First, it transformed entertainment from mostly read or heard (as in books and radio) into video (with television.)

Next, it changed music from a primarily audio format to a visual format. Have you ever heard the song Video Killed the Radio Star? This song describes perfectly the phenomenon of media moving from written or audio formats to visual. Videos and images are rapidly replacing written forms of communication.

When the internet first rose to popularity, video was relatively rare. Downloading a very short video on such slow internet connections could take hours. As bandwidth increased and speeds went from 14.4 kilobytes per second (or slower) to 10, 20, 30 or more megabits per second, video became a more viable option and its popularity exploded.

Now, thanks in large part to services such as Pinterest and Flickr, the internet has increasingly become a visual media. This is especially fortunate for marketers, because people generally respond much better to visual media than to other forms.

One major benefit of info graphics is the fact that they can pack a huge punch in terms of delivering information when compared to other forms of marketing. They take very little time to assimilate, meaning they are more impactful.

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