Magazine App Creation 101

magazine app creation 101
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If you’re looking for a great way to get recurring monthly income that won’t cost a fortune in startup expenses, creating your own monthly magazine for the Apple App Store is a great option.

If you choose a great topic, create a quality product, and deliver new issues on time every month, having your own magazine can be a fantastic source of recurring monthly income that will grow over time.

In fact, 91{31b54cc2b789b78c59a729148dfa34dba750ec94f6c5baee8832ac27690982a4} of all adults read magazines, and the top 25 magazines reach more people than the top 25 prime time television shows! This means there’s massive potential if you can find a hungry audience.

In this guide, you’re not only going to learn how to choose profitable markets, but also how to set up your magazine, create content, price for maximum profit, and more.

So let’s begin.

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