Reputation Management

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Identify Your Reputation Competitors


Is your online reputation in jeopardy due to unhappy customers?
Or are you enjoying glowing customer reviews on the top review websites?


Better yet, how are your competitors faring in the world of online customer reviews? What are their customers saying about them? Which of your competitors are getting the most praise? Which ones are getting the most criticism?


Before you embark on the trail of online reputation management, it is important to take a look at some of your closest competitors’ reputations as well. Armed with this information, you will be able to develop and implement a plan to increase branding and boost the amount of positive customer remarks and reviews made about your business online.


In the business world online, people have the freedom to say whatever it is they want about their experiences with businesses – both positive and negative. This means that there is a chance that they could post about bad experiences they’ve had with your business.


Regardless of whether or not their claims are accurate, the fact is that once they are posted online, their ability to impact the buying decisions of others is quite strong.


Therefore, taking a peek at what’s being said about your competitors is a great place to start your reputation management efforts. Why? Because this will give you some immediate insight as to how much work you have to do to build a reputation that will outshine theirs.


When it comes to consumers taking action, businesses with positive reputations win hands down. People trust what other people say about businesses online, so they’re likely to go with those businesses with better reviews and reputations.

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