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Identify Your Website Competitors


A professional, effective website is one of the most vital tools that every business should have; in many cases, there is little marketing success without one.


For small and large companies alike, a website is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting traffic to your company that can be easily converted to sales.


In other words, your website must be designed, developed, and managed in a way that will simply help you bring in profits. A “profitable website” refers to one with the ability to attract qualified leads, as well as turn existing customers into repeat customers; making all of your competitors wonder how you do it.


One way to ensure that your website is one of the best is to take a look at your competitors’ websites to see what they’re doing. Besides, these are the companies you are up against when local consumers go online to search for your type of product or service; so it’s in your best interest to compare your initiatives to theirs.


But how do you know which businesses you should be paying attention to? That’s probably what you’re asking, which is a great question.


The answer is to simply perform an online search using some keywords related to your industry.  Take a look at the businesses that come up on the first page. As far as the businesses that do not have websites, you can relax as far as they are concerned; you are already milestones ahead of them.


Focus your attention on those businesses that do have websites.

What was your first thought of each site as you clicked on them? Was it nicely laid out, easy to follow, and informative? Or was it a scrambled mess?


Did it have great content that could help solve a problem for your target audience? Or was it filled with loads of text that offered no value at all to visitors?

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